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Family Friendly Also Means Environmentally Friendly

At Koala, we work hard to be Family and Environmentally Friendly. This is important to us both in the products we make as well as in the environment where we work. Our baby changing stations incorporate both pre- and post- consumer recycled content and contribute to LEED certification points. Our black Designer and ECO High Chairs are made from recycled materials. All Koala products are recyclable; check your local recycling facilities for disposal information.

Koala also strives to be ecologically responsible in the work place. In 2011, we implemented a single stream recycling program, which has resulted in reducing our waste disposal by 33%. In addition to this program, we continually search for environmental alternatives to improve our operating efficiency. In 2012, we changed our warehouse lighting to Alto II Fluorescent Lamps, which use only 1.7mg of mercury compared to the 4.3mg average we were using before. These bulbs are made from recycled mercury which is less harmful to the environment.

Technical Bulletins regarding Koala LEED contributions can be viewed below

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